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While attending Columbus College of Art and Design an instructor gave me some advice. She told me that I did not always have to look at the whole picture and suggested that I start looking at a fragment. So that summer, while at QSDS, I started to experiment with this concept by using paper collage works. By using a fragment of the whole the positive/negative space, or even just the small petal, creates a new way for me to work.

These pieces are created by enlarging my drawings via an overhead projected. The fabric pieces are cut out, then placed on a table, then painted with thicken dyes.
When I am satisfied with the arrangement, the entire piece is assembled by hand.

  • Fragments I
    2003 - 39.5" x 43.5"
  • Fragments II
    2003 - 44" x 58"
  • Fragments III
    2003 - 31" x 48"
  • Fragments IV
    2004 - 42" x 50"
  • Fragments V
    2005 - 44" x 58"